Software Consultancy


We help design, develop and deploy software applications that generate value to our customers. We help our customers to improve the overall effectiveness of its processes and technology with the help of the solutions that we offer to them. We work with various cutting-edge platforms, software and tools to build and support the need of the customer. 


We want our customers to stay ahead with insights-driven information and take the advantage. Analyse data to derive insights and accelerate your Business 4.0™ journey. We use scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from structured and unstructured data. Mathematical algorithms and other innovations are used to extract meaningful information from the sea of raw data collected by management and monitoring technologies.


We build AI models that help out customer solve specific business problems. We monitor and train these models to achieve the desire goals. We help customers to effectively maintain, improve the life of an asset and get higher return on investments.


Turn to the cloud to scale and optimize IT resources, fuel agility, and accelerate time to market. We help our customers in migrating their existing infrastructure to the cloud so that they can focus on innovation and spend less time on maintenance activities which intern helps them to reduce their cost.


Where the Real World Meets the Digital World. Harnessing more sensors, more data, and more power to change the way you work and the value you provide. We are currently part of many Customers transformation journey in designing IoT connectivity into their products, adding IoT capabilities to existing machinery, and processing data to enable more informed decision making.


Ensure data integrity with Blockchain and IoT. Providing single view of records, which can be undisputedly accepted in case of breach. Smart Contracts along with blockchain integration helping our customers turn legal obligations into automated processes, guarantee a greater degree of security, reduce reliance on trusted intermediaries, and Lower transaction costs.

Hardware services and Consultancy

o    Concept to Product

o    Hardware, Mechanical and Cable Assembly design

o    Firmware development

o    Prototype

o    Serialisation of Production

EOL Manager

Managing the product Life Cycle of various electronic components are tedious but very critical & important now a days. Our innovative solutions to solve this industry wide problem will help you manage the obsolescence effectively. To know more about EOL, please click here.

Security Solutions

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